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Welcome to our modest little home page, somewhat off the beaten path, in a fairly insignificant corner of the backwaters of the rather unfashionable end of the World Wide Web. Actually, this might be more accurately called our "guest" page, since its purpose is to allow visitors to learn a little something about us.

Some techie stuff: These pages probably are best viewed with the Mozilla Firefox browser, as that's what we use when composing them (it seems that Microsoft doesn't always play well with others). Your browser window should be set to at least 700 pixels or so in width.

We're just a couple of fairly normal, middle-aged DINKs (dual income, no kids) living in Ohio. So if we're not anything special, how can we justify this site? Well, because simply everybody is on the web now, OK? And what could possibly be more interesting than us? So like, get with the times already.

Ahem. ... Well, anyway ...

We both grew up in the Dayton-Cincinnati area, though Keith was an early immigrant from Lexington, Kentucky, the home of fast women and good-looking horses ... umm ... or something like that. We met just as Keith was running off to Ohio University to play in the OU Marching 110. Katie later followed Keith to OU (a.k.a. "Harvard on the Hocking" or "Mardi Gras of the Midwest", depending on which reputation you believe). After a period of rather idyllic years in quaint and scenic Athens, which at that time we never fully appreciated, of course, Keith was loosed upon the real world with a BS degree in Computer Science ('83). Katie collected a BS in Journalism ('84), dragged Keith off to the altar, and we settled down in domestic bliss. Over the next several years we moved through two apartments and into our suburban home, gradually trading our college-era crates and posters for real furnishings. Keith, now married, was no longer allowed to buy expensive toys, so he spent his spare time picking up a MS degree in Computer Science from the Case Western Reserve University ('91).

Keith is a software systems engineer at Qwest Communications. Katie is an insurance subrogation analyst (HIA) with the Grange Insurance company. Obviously, these are just the daily tasks to which we subject ourselves so that we may afford our true interests, about which, of course, you all are dying to hear. Both of us spend a serious portion of our lives with books, which we read voraciously. We ride motorcycles. And, we both thoroughly immerse ourselves in the full spectrum of food & drink, from creative cooking to, say, dining in various ethnic and domestic restaurants. We also do just a bit of gardening and yard stuff, we play euchre (a card game) with friends, and we regularly enjoy house-boating, occasionally indulge in white-water rafting, and partake of Jimmy Buffett every chance we get.

Keith's additional hobbies include playing poker, various shooting sports, hi-fi audio equipment, and tropical aquaria (fish, plants, and invertebrates), with other interests being amateur astronomy, fishing, ham radio (KC8GFS), bird-watching, SCUBA diving, playing the tuba, and a million other things. Katie enjoys dancing (ballet and hip-hop), aerobic exercise, popular music, scrapbooking, a golf league, home decorating, playing the piano, and things having to do with Star Trek.

Finally, we have a set of miscellaneous pages, mostly displaying sets of photos from various activities.


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