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Right now this page is being used primarily as a jumping-off point for our own web surfing. As we get the time, we'll add more imformation and images concerning our aquaria.

We currently have just one tank up and running; Katie had to tear down a second one in her office because a new desk left no room for it. The running tank is a 90-gal freshwater set-up in the family room. Its residents are six red-tail tinfoil barbs (who are not yet up to their full size of 12" or so) and one "clown" plecostomus. This tank replaces 55-gal and 30-gal tanks previously there. As tinfoil barbs do an excellent imitation of a lawn mower, the aqua-scaping in the 90 is plantless, and rather sparse. The rear wall has a graduated-blue (dark at the bottom, lighter toward the top) background sheet fastened to the exterior. The bottom is covered with a single layer of ~1-to-2-inch rock landscaping chips, in various reds, browns, and black. The "decorations" are just several very large pieces of real and artificial driftwood -- twisted root stumps, cypress-type root clusters, and so on. The simple theme accents the red and chrome of the schooling barbs.

The tank is drilled and equipped with a small trickle filter fed from a surface skimmer. A pair of small "HOT" canister filters will provide additional mechanical filtering. Lighting comes from four 20-watt fluorescent tubes -- two GE Chroma 50's in front of two Spectrum V lamps.

We are in the process of finishing the front half of our basement into a recreation room. We have two 90-gal tanks that are being integrated into the wall that will separate the rec room from the "fish" room. When finished, one of these tanks will be a heavily planted freshwater tank with South American fish. It will use a large trickle filter, CO2 injection, substrate heating cables, and metal-halide lighting. The second tank may be a marine reef set-up with live sand, a large protein skimmer, kalkwasser dosing, a wave maker, metal-halide lighting, and whatever else the current technology supports. This tank will house a few marine fish and a bunch of corals and other invertebrates.

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