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Our Ear Stuff

Right now this page is being used primarily as a jumping-off point for our own web surfing. As we get the time, we'll add more information and images concerning our audio/video systems.

Audio/video equipment saturates our home and vehicles, and we use it extensively. We rent videos on a fairly regular basis, and we both like to have music playing in the background. There are hundreds of vinyl LP albums on our shelves, and hundreds more CDs stashed in several rooms. Keith prefers instrumental jazz, and baroque (especially harpsichord) music, whereas Katie leans more toward modern pop music. We both greatly enjoy 60's and 70's pop/rock "oldies".

We currently have three "component systems" running, in addition to several portable units and small receiver/speakers set-ups scattered about the house. The three larger systems are:

Family Room
  • Emotiva XMC-1 audio/video preamp/processor/tuner
  • Parasound PPH-100 phono-preamp
  • Rotel RB-993 power amplifier (3 x 200w)
  • Soundcraftsmen PCR-800 power amp (2 x 205w)
  • Soundcraftsmen PM-840 power amp (2 x 300w)
  • Celestion Model 3 speakers (left & right)
  • Celestion Model CC1 speaker (center)
  • Celestion Model 1 speakers (left & right surround)
  • twin ACI Sub-1 subwoofers (left & right)
  • Philips GA-312 turntable
  • Shure M97HE-EIV phono cartridge
  • Oppo BDP-93 Blu-Ray disc player
  • Panasonic DMR-EZ48V DVD / VHS recorder
  • Harmon Kardon HD7600 CD player
  • Magnavox CDC552 5-disc CD carousel
  • LG 55LX6500 television
  • Turtle Beach AudioTron network MP3 player

  • Remote sound connected to the above:

  • Creek OBH-10 remote level-control unit
  • Soundcraftsmen PCR-800 power amp (2 x 205w)
  • Dayton Audio impedance-matching volume controls
  • (4) AR 18B speakers (in the living & dining rooms)
  • (2) HTD Level Two outdoor speakers (on rear deck)

Keith's Study
  • Adcom SLC-505 passive preamp
  • McIntosh Mc225 (vacuum-tube) power amp (2 x 25w)
  • Marantz Model 140 power amp (2 x 75w)
  • Harmon Kardon TU-930 tuner
  • Harmon Kardon HD7600-II CD player
  • Marchand X-1 active crossover
  • Celestion Model 3 speakers (left & right)
  • Celestion CS135 subwoofer
  • Burwen Research PMB-40 Dynamic headphones
  • STAX SR-80 Pro headphones w/ SRM-Xs driver

The Garage
  • Soundcraftsmen DX4000 preamp
  • Soundcraftsmen DC2214 equalizer
  • Soundcraftsmen A2801 power amp (2 x 120w)
  • Soundcraftsmen PCR-800 power amp (2 x 205w)
  • Soundcraftsmen T6002 tuner
  • JBL Pro Model MI-630 speakers (left & right)
  • MTX RT-X01A active crossover
  • DIY subwoofer (12" DVC in 3.5 ft^3 cabinet)
  • Magnavox MSD126 DVD/CD player
  • ART PS-4x4 conditioned power station

And, Keith is cleaning up (and restoring, if necessary) some of our older components, and putting together the following:

70s/80s "Classic" System
  • Marantz Model 3200 preamp
  • Marantz Model 140 power amp (2 x 75w)
  • Marantz Model 104 tuner
  • Infinity RSM (Reference Studio Monitor) loudspeakers
  • Philips GA-212 turntable
  • Pickering NP/AC phono cartridge
  • Soundcraftsmen SE450 graphic equalizer
  • Teac A-6010 / AR-60 open-reel tape deck
  • Marantz SuperScope TDR-830 8-track tape recorder/player

We also have some equipment not currently connected, including a Dynaco Stereo 70 (vacuum-tube) power amp (2 x 35w), a Rotel RB-850 power amp (2 x 50w), a Soundcraftsmen PM-860 power amp (2 x 205W), an Empire 598 Troubador turntable, an Emotiva UMC-1 A/V pre/pro, a couple of pieces of DJ-ish-type equipment, several do-it-yourself projects (including a Nelson Pass minimalist preamp and some hotrod boards for the ST 70) in various stages of completion, a couple of small/medium receivers, a boom box or two, MP3 players, and a mess of small/medium loudspeakers (some of the latter home-made).

Our basement is slowly being finished and, when complete, will include a large home-theater room.

The rest of this page consists of some links that we check out when surfing, but of course you're free to use them as well.

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