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The Books We Read

Right now this page is kinda' sparse, and is being used primarily as a jumping-off point for our own web surfing. As we get the time, we'll add more information, links, and maybe some images, concerning our books.

As we mentioned in our home page, we both spend a serious portion of our free time reading, both fiction and non-fiction. Our personal library contains many hundreds of volumes, and perhaps even thousands (we've never really counted them). We ought to get around to cataloging them all one of these days, for insurance purposes if nothing else. There's scarcely a room in the house that doesn't contain an overflowing bookcase or two, and a good number of tables are stacked with loose volumes as well.

Keith likes dectective stories/murder mysteries, sci-fi, techno-thrillers, and espionage epics in the way of fiction. For non-fiction, he loves references works of any kind, with science and language perhaps ruling the roost. Katie reads just about any fiction that Keith reads, plus a large supplement of TRNs ("trashy romance novels"). Her non-fiction reading runs mostly to history and religion. Of course, we also own many, many reference works that support our other hobbies.

The rest of this page consists of some links that we check out when surfing, but of course you're free to use them as well.

Author/Series Sites

Coming soon ... (we hope!)
  • Sara Paretsky
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes)
  • John Grisham
  • Caleb Carr
  • ... and others ...

Topic Sites and Micellaneous

Book Sellers

Publishing Companies

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