2003 BMW K1200GT Specifications
MSRP $17,990   US
Overall Length 88.6 inches [2250 mm]
Overall Width 33.5 inches [850 mm]
Wheelbase 61.22 inches [1555 mm]   (unladen)
Ground Clearance 5.75 inches [146 mm]   (unladen)
Curb Weight 628 lbs [285 kg] wet
586 lbs [266 kg] dry
GVWR (Max Load) 1102 lbs [501 kg]
(vehicle, rider, passenger, and luggage)
Fuel Capacity 5.5 US gallons [20.8 liters]; 1 gal [3.8 liters] reserve at low-fuel light.
Service Interval Every 6,000 miles
(valve adjustment: 12,000 miles)
Body Colors Orient Blue Metallic
Grey Green Metallic
Horsepower 130 bhp [96.0 kW] @ 8750 rpm   (crankshaft)
114 bhp [84.2 kW] @ 8750 rpm   (rear wheel)
Torque 85 ft-lbs [117.0 Nm] @ 6750 rpm  (crankshaft)
78ft-lbs [107.4 Nm] @ 6750 rpm   (rear wheel)
Maximum Speed 153 mph [231 kph]   (electronically limited)
Acceleration 0 - 60 mph:   3.87 seconds
0 - 100 mph:   8.69 seconds
Braking 60 - 0 mph:   117.5 feet [35.8 m]
Power-to-Weight Ratio 0.207   (wet)
Engine RPMs 3700   (65 mph)
9000   (red-line)
Fuel Economy 40 mpg typical   (range: low 30's to low 50's)
Touring Range 200+ miles typical
Type Four stroke, in-line, four-cylinder
Displacement 1171 cc
Bore & Stroke 70.5 x 75.0 mm
Compression Ratio 11.5:1
Fuel Premium unleaded gasoline, 90+ AKI (R+M/2 octane)
Fuel Delivery Bosch Motronic MA 2.4 digital-mapped fuel injection
Automatic choke and throttle position sensor (TPS)
Ignition Electronic
Spark Plugs Bosch XR7LDC (x4)
Valve Train Per cylinder:
    Two 8 x 26.5 mm intake valves
    Two 8 x 23 mm exhaust valves
Adjusting shims under buckets
Valve Actuation Dual overhead cams (DOHC), chain driven
Valve Timing

(at 3 mm clearance)
Intake open:       3 degrees before TDC
Intake close:     27 degrees after BDC
Exhaust open:   31 degrees before BDC
Exhaust close:     1 degree before TDC
Exhaust system 4-1 header, closed-loop three-way catalytic converter, stainless-steel muffler
Engine Mounting Counter-balanced, with rubber mount points
Lubrication (engine oil) 3.7 quarts: API class SF, SG, or SH; CD or CE
wet sump
Filters Fuel:  in-line, pleated-paper canister (inside tank)
Oil:   spin-on Micronic canister (inside sump)
Air:   pleated-paper cartridge element
Cooling System Water-based coolant; twin coolant radiators with fan-driven, side exhaust ports; one engine-oil radiator
Drive Train
Clutch 7.9-inch [180 mm], single dry plate
Clutch Actuation Hydraulic
Transmission Getrag 6-speed manual gear box
Gear Actuation 1-down/5-up, foot-lever shifter
Primary Drive Helical-cut gears with tensioner
Gear Ratios 1st gear:   2.05
2nd gear:  1.60
3rd gear:   1.27
4th gear:   1.04
5th gear:   0.90
6th gear:   0.82
Drive Shaft Enclosed shaft with two universal joints and integral, torsional damper
Final Drive Spiral bevel gears, 2.75:1 ratio
Electrical System
Charging System 70-Amp alternator (840 Watts) with integral regulator
Battery BMW Mareg, 12 V, 19 Ah, low-maintenance
Headlight Load-adjustable headlight module with parking light
Asymmetrical low beam
Low Beam bulb:   55-Watt H7 halogen
High beam bulb:   60-Watt H3 halogen
Signal Lights Tail/brake light, four-way emergency flashers, self-cancelling turn signals
Front Suspension BMW Telelever geometry with 35 mm stanchions
Leading link pivoted centrally on main frame
Factory adjusted for 90% removal of front-end dive
Gas-filled spring damper strut
Front Shock Single, adjustable
Front Shock Travel 4.53 inches [115 mm]
Rear Suspension BMW Paralever geometry
(drive shaft and swing arm)

Rear Shock Single, pre-load and rebound-damping adjustable:
    Single-tube gas-filled
    7-position progressive-rate spring
Rear Shock Travel 5.91 inches [150 mm]
Front Brakes Dual 12.6-inch [320 mm] floating disc rotors
Dual Brembo four-piston, double-action calipers
Wear compensation
Sintered metal pads
Rear Brakes 11.2-inch [285 mm] rigid disc rotor
Brembo twin-piston, double-action caliper
Sintered metal pads
Brake Actuation Hydraulic, DOT 4 type fluid
Integral Systems EVO Power-Assisted
Semi-Linked (Adaptive)
ABS III Anti-Lock
Chasis & Wheels
Frame Chill-cast, load-bearing, welded aluminum with honeycomb-cell structure, single backbone, with steel seat subframe
Fuel Tank Polyamide cell with enclosed fuel pump and filter
Handlebar Width 26.8 inches [680 mm]
Steering Angle 62.7 degrees, unladen
Rake Angle 37.25 degrees
Front Wheel Trail 4.88 inches [124 mm] (with rider)
Wheels Cast light alloy with double 5-spoke design
Front Wheel Size 3.50 x 17 MTH2
Rear Wheel Size 5.50 x 17 MTH2
Front Tire Size 120/70-ZR17 tubeless steel radial
Rear Tire Size 180/55-ZR17 tubeless steel radial
Tire Pressures Front:  36 psi
Rear:   42 psi
Tire Load Limits Front:  441 lbs [200 kg]
Rear:   705 lbs [320 kg]
Seat Height Two-position adjustable
Standard seat:
    30.3 inches [770 mm]   (low position)
    31.5 inches [800 mm]   (high position)
Comfort seat:
    31.1 inches [790 mm]   (low position)
    32.3 inches [820 mm]   (high position)
Handlebars Multi-position adjustable (fore-aft)
Foot Pegs Two-position adjustable
Front Brake & Clutch Levers Four-position adjustable
Shift Lever Two-position adjustable
Heated Elements Rider and passenger seats (two heat levels)
Handlebar grips (two heat levels)
Cruise Control Integrated, electronic
Windshield Electrically height-adjustable
Luggage Color-matched, locking, hard saddlebags
Security Integrated ignition and steering lock
Lock System Single key for ignition, steering lock, fuel cap, under-seat storage compartment, and saddlebags
Instrumentation Speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel guage, coolant-temperature gauge, gear indicator, digital clock
Indicator Lights High-beam, cruise-control set, neutral, turn signals, low fuel, oil pressure, emergency lights, coolant temperature, ABS fault, battery
Accessory (Power) Outlets One provided; second site for add-on
Tool Kit In under-seat storage; includes tire repair kit with inflation cartridges
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