"Well, Shoot!"

Right now this page is being used primarily as a jumping-off point for our own web surfing. As we get the time, we'll add more information on, and images of, our shooting hobby.

Always remember -- Safety First!

[Clays Shooting] [.30-cal BMG m1919a4] Our shooting is pretty much one of Keith's hobbies, though Katie has done her share of plinking and has a few hog-legs of her own. Keith enjoys all things that go boom; he shoots handguns, rifles, and shotguns, from little .22 plinkers up to and including a .50 BMG rifle and a Browning .30-cal belt-fed machinegun. He's got an itty-bitty black-powder cannon that makes an incredible noise, and he's trying to convince She Who Must Be Obeyed that he really needs a full-sized, civil-war-era model.

[Clays Shooting] [Trap Shooting] Most of Keith's shooting is paper-target punching or plinking with "the guys" at indoor and outdoor ranges, including informal competitions such as speed-steel (plates and poppers), trap shooting, bowling-pin matches, or sporting clays, and occasionally in structured competitions, e.g. IHMSA Small-Bore Silhouette, NRA Action Pistol, or NCSA 1000-yard, .50-cal matches. He also participates in a couple of indoor, small-caliber Bullseye pistol leagues.

[The NRA] Both Keith and Katie have attended the NRA's Personal Protection Course . In addition, Keith has completed the training curriculum to be an NRA instructor for basic pistol, home firearm safety, and personal protection (though he doesn't currently hold an instructor's certificate). Also, Keith attended an intensive, one-week training course (LFI-1: The Judicious Use of Lethal Force) at the Lethal Force Institute. While the latter may not be for everyone, we *strongly* encourage anyone involved with firearms to get at least some basic safety and gun-handling training. It's out there, it's inexpensive, and it's fun!

[Fort Knox Safes] We maintain a modest collection of various firearms, most of which are protected by a very large, heavy, gun safe and a couple layers of electronic alarm systems (and maybe another surprise or two which prudence prevents us from listing here). Hmmm ... we've been told that Jeff Foxworthy once said "If your gun safe is bigger than your refrigerator, you just might be a red-neck!" ... nah.

[Part of Keith's Messy Reloading Bench]