[Brummett Coat of Arms]

The English surname Brummett is of toponymic origin; that is, it's derived from the name of the place where the original bearer of the name was born or resided. Brummett is a variant of Broomhead, which is located near Penistone in Hallamshire, or Sheffield, England. Local records contain references to various variants of the family name as far back as the year 1290.

The family coat of arms, as documented in Burke's General Armory, has its blazon described thusly:

    Az, on a bend Ar, betw, two leopards' faces Or, a mural crown Gu, betw, two fleur-de-lis Sa.
which, translated, reads as:
    Blue; on a silver diagonal band between two gold leopards' faces, a red mural crown between two black fleur-de-lis.
The crest, above the helmet, is described as:
    Out of a red crown, a silver unicorn's head horned gold; in the mouth a red rose slipped and leaved in natural color.

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